Ice Age Trail Community

Baraboo is proud to be an Ice Age Trail Community of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail traverses across the entire state of Wisconsin, totaling approximately 1,200 miles in length. Being an Ice Age Trail Community means that we support the trail and its trail users.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail also navigates its way through over 142 different communities throughout the Badger State. Out of those communities, nearly two dozen have taken the pledge to serve as designated Ice Age Trail Communities. This means that Baraboo, in cooperation with the Ice Age Trail Alliance, are supporters of what the Ice Age Trail means to people. It serves as not just a way to get out and explore the natural wonders, but serve as destination for trail enthusiasts. The trail plays a vital role in economic development, with explorers choosing to adventure into our local businesses, shops, and services. It’s a place for folks to meet familiar faces and make new friends, find resources that will aid them as they proceed further along on the trail.

For more information on the Ice Age Trail Alliance and the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, please go to the Alliance website listed below.