Unique Shops Line The Square in Downtown Baraboo

With over 40 locally owned stores and restaurants, Downtown Baraboo is bustling this time of year. The Courthouse Square is draped with Twinkling Lights, Christmas Music plays in the streets and buildings are dressed in garland and bows. Here are a few must visit stores.

First, stop by Spin Shack.You’ll find yourself spending hours browsing through hundreds of movies, CDs, and tons of new and used vinyl. They also carry lots of video games, controllers, systems, and accessories from retro to recent. And it’s not just shopping, it’s an experience to see all the retro fun stuff in one place. Take a trip down memory lane, while finishing your Christmas shopping list at Spin Shack.

Next, cross the street to our very own RadioShack. Shelves are stacked high with RC Cars and Drones, RC Excavators, Metal Detectors, Robots and interactive toys. They specialize in STEM learning toys including kits to build things like radios and create circuits or solder neat projects including Christmas Trees and Audio Amplifiers.

RadioShack also has a great selection of Headphones, Earbuds, Bluetooth Speakers, Soundbars and even Turntables. They specialize in accessories from cables to parts and pieces. Cracked phone? Leave it with them to repair while you head down the block to grab a bite to eat or explore neighboring shops. Make sure to pick up a case and screen protector before you leave.

Lastly, head over to The Labrynth Games which is a gamers’ paradise. They provide an open gaming area that can be used anytime while they are open. There are a wide array of weekly and special events hosted by the store. Their retail area has a vast game inventory including; Lorcana, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Dungeons & Dragons, many board games, along with one of the largest Funko Pop! selections in Wisconsin. Other hobby items include collectible figures and Warhammer 40k along with paints for miniatures.

Find holiday gift ideas for trading card players including playmats, sleeves, deck boxes, dice and booster packs. There are many plushies hanging around the store from Dungeons & Dragons, The Labyrinth movies, reversible plushies, and more. Check out their great selection of party and family friendly games to play while spending time together this holiday season. Maybe even try an escape room or murder mystery game.

Make sure to shop Downtown Baraboo and Experience the Magic this Holiday Season! You’ll be glad you did.