Traditions while last minute shopping

This time of year reminds us how important traditions are. Traditions can be between family, friends, and even towns. Towns just like our beautiful Downtown Baraboo.

These last few days before Christmas, something magical happens to our charming town. Couples come out for date days or night to shop together for last minute gifts. All the stores are decorated for the season, making them warm and welcoming. Each store is uniquely different, and has so many different treasures to find, people will want to extend their dates by exploring every one of them.

When there is a need for a refreshment, there are coffee shops and restaurants to sit down at, and specials that reflect everyone’s favorite seasonal delights. For some, strolling around the historic town with hot chocolate in their hands, listening to the Christmas music playing outside, and enjoying the lights, is a tradition that feels like a new experience every year.

The Al Ringling Theatre continues the tradition of showing some of the most loved Christmas movies for friends and family to enjoy. The weekend of movies includes a “White Christmas” sing-along, where people of all ages can enjoy singing and spending time together. There is always at least one designated children’s film one afternoon, this year being “A Muppets Christmas Carol”. Children, and those who are children at heart, come out to enjoy some popcorn, a warm chair, and a classic story. The Christmas movie celebrations would not be complete without the traditional showing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” to help us all be thankful for all that we have.

Whether it’s walking the blocks of downtown, shopping, or watching Christmas movies, traditions are something we hold dear to us. Whatever your family’s traditions are, Downtown Baraboo is honored to be a part of them.