Thrifty is Nifty: Exploring the Vintage Downtown Baraboo Scene

Image Courtesy of Karmen Lindner Photography

This weekend is the annual Vintage Shop Hop, where vintage and antique stores in Wisconsin and northern Illinois come together to celebrate all they have to offer. This weekend, our very own Eclectic Treasures (located on 616 Oak Street)is on the Shop Hop map! So while you are in town checking out Eclectic Treasures, we invite you to stay in town a little longer to explore some of our other thrifty and nifty stores that define the vintage side of Downtown Baraboo.

Oak Street Antiques

Oak Street Antiques has an ever-changing array of antiques and vintage items. From sports memorabilia to antique jewelry, there are so many interesting things to find. They have something for everyone, and a treasure around each corner throughout their lovely space!

Baraboo Vintage & Seek Boutique

If you are looking for some items that also have a handmade or unique character about them, then head over to Baraboo Vintage & Seek Boutique. Here you will find all sorts of throwback quality items that cross multiple decades. Their clothing area is the epitome of retro chic, and their collectables are on point for any home style.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder is the store with all the things you loved and didn’t realize you forgot. There is not an area in this store that does not have something from different bygone eras that you wanted to have throughout your childhood. Or perhaps something your friends had that you always envied. This store gives you the chance to finally buy that one special thing that will envelope old memories while creating new ones.

Baraboo Toy Soldier Shoppe

Everyone has a favorite childhood toy they wish they had kept, or had one on their wish list. Baraboo Toy Soldier Shoppe is a treasure trove for any individual who wants to relive their childhood, or share memories with their own kids. But don’t be fooled, toys are not all they have: miniatures and oddities are a staple there for any collector or curiosity seeker. Make sure you stop in and day hello at their brand new location located at 614 Oak Street.

Village Booksmith

Bookstores are not often thought about when looking at antiques and vintage stores, but the Village Booksmith is not your average bookstore. Their collection of older titles is quite vast, and the wall behind the checkout counter is filled with valuable titles and classic first editions that cover an array of topics. While you can still immerse yourself into new publications, it’s the reused collections of various genres that make the true character of this space..

For more information on the Vintage Shop Hop, explore the following links to enjoy all participating stops!

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