Let’s get Going… shopping for the holidays

Yes, Christmas is coming.  Pretty fast, as a matter of fact.  But hey, there’s still time.  Plenty of time.

As long as we don’t spend the last few days before Christmas the same way we spent them last year: in a stomach-churning whirlwind of stress and cookie-cutter big box store gifts and swearing that next year, it’ll be different.

Why would we do that again when Downtown Baraboo has everything we need right now, and within a few square blocks (plus maybe a little more)?  Look around.  There’s something here for everyone on your list: Great-Grandma, your best friend, the new baby, your office mate’s dog, even that weird uncle nobody quite understands.

Where do we start?  Let’s just walk around the square first and see what’s here… wait, there’s a bookstore.  The Village Booksmith.  We all know somebody who loves cozy mysteries.  Or a nephew who likes science fiction.  And Grandpa really likes reading history… This is small town shopping, so if we tell the clerk what we’re looking for, they’ll show us exactly what we need.

Okay, now back down Oak Street… hold on, what was that around the corner on Fourth Street?  Baraboo Seek Boutique?  We gotta go in there.  Look at all this… oh, I just thought of someone who would love this.  And this too.  And this!

Okay, now down Oak Street.  Hey, Amber Moon Floral.  They’ve got actual Christmas bouquets you can order in advance.  Nobody ever thinks about flowers on Christmas, but why not?  Let’s have a centerpiece this year.  Or even better: let’s take one as a hostess gift.

There’s another boutique on the corner.  Angels and Arrows.  Clothing, hats, purses, accessories – brand name and upscale gifts at every price point, and their customers love to go back.  

Can we take a break for lunch?  That was a lot of stores.  Mama Mia’s is just down Third Street.  Bet they’ve got pizza.  And calzones.

Now then.  We still need something for that someone special and look: The Jeweler’s Edge.  Oh, that is gorgeous.  Vintage pieces and custom-made designs!  And, wow, some of these are stocking stuffer prices. 

Wait, what about toys?  Didn’t I see… yep, there it is, right near the Al Ringling Theater – hey, Santa Claus is here every Saturday!  We should bring the kids!

Back to the toy store.  Just Imagine Toys, right near the Al Ringling Theater.  Gifts for newborns all the way up to… hey, Uncle Phil would love this.  And this – we haven’t seen this kind of candy in years.  Little puzzles, little prank toys.  No, please, not the gum that turns your teeth black.

You know what he’ll do.

So many stores we haven’t been into yet!  Let’s get going: we’re going to get all our Christmas shopping done today, right here in Downtown Baraboo.