Find a gift that will Have everyone asking “where did you get that?”

Downtown Baraboo is about to solve one of your biggest Christmas shopping problems: how do I find gifts that will stun them? 

Not just gifts they’ll like, but gifts that will make their mouths drop open.  Unique gifts, that will make them say: “Where did you get that?!?”

Downtown Baraboo is the place where finding amazing Christmas gifts is easy.  Deciding which ones to buy might be the hard part.

Do you have people on your list who’ve moved away but want something from Baraboo?  Find the shirts and ornaments at Corner Drug Pharmacy, Countryside Refind, Etcetera by BLH, and Spa Serenity.  Jewelry at Jeweler’s Edge.  Maybe some fair trade Baraboo bowls at A Sense of Adventure.  There’s even beautifully polished Baraboo quartzite available at Spirit Lake Trading Company.

While you’re in A Sense of Adventure, don’t miss the Haitian steel drum art, or the baby section, or the dog treats that look like donuts.

And while you’re in Etcetera, well, remember it’s called “Etcetera” because you can’t list everything they have.  Clothing, accessories, tea towels, ornaments.   Try not to buy too many stocking stuffers.  Even the biggest stockings have limits. 

And while you’re in Countryside Refind – home décor like you haven’t seen before – remember they live by the personal touch.  Tell them who you’re shopping for, and they’ll have advice.  

Speaking of advice, do you have somebody who is health conscious on your list?  Serious about their pets?  Stop in at The Grainery and talk to them.  They’ll know just what you need.  

Vintage glassware, art, tools, and Christmas decorations (Grandma chic!) at Oak Street Antiques, Eclectic Treasures, and Eye of the Beholder.  Collectibles – the hard to find kind – at Baraboo Toy Soldier Shoppe.  Board games, strategy games, and fantasy fun await at The Labyrinth, toys and games at The Labyrinth and Just Imagine Toys.  Maybe some tasty, locally made wine at Von Klaus.  

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re worried about how much you’ll have to spend.  With so many great Christmas gifts to find and buy in just a few square blocks, it might be easy to get carried away.  You may not be able to resist seeing the look on your giftee’s face when they open…that.  But don’t worry: there are gifts here at every price point, whether you want to spend five dollars or hundreds, or you’re buying six presents or sixty.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  

Christmas shopping just couldn’t be any easier than in Downtown Baraboo.  Click here, and see what we’ve got to offer!