Don’t just give a gift: Give a Day!

There are three big issues with Christmas shopping:

  • Making sure it’s something they’ll like;
  • Making sure it’s something they don’t already have;
  • Making sure it’s something they won’t put on a shelf and forget until it’s time to dust.

The really unfortunate thing is, you can’t always ask.  Or, you can.  We all do.  “What do you want for Christmas?”  And sometimes you get an answer, and sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes all you get is: “nothing, really, we have everything we need.”

Which is completely unhelpful.

And yet, we all understand.  We know people who will absolutely love that bronze ballerina statue, or a Wisconsin Home wall hanging, or a vintage 1980s lunchbox.  And we know people who just don’t need one more thing taking up space.  

What do we do with those people?

We give them a day to spend.  And there are so many ways to spend a day in Downtown Baraboo.

Know anyone who’d like a spa day?  Spa Serenity has packages for everyone: massage, hands, feet, skin treatments.  

Von Klaus Winery sells locally made and bottled wines which… you’re not going to find anything like it anywhere else.  How about a wine tasting and food pairing afternoon?  Ask about gift certificates, because they have to be reserved well in advance.

Those two would go great together.

Something a little more active?  Reserve some range time at Dez Tactical Arms.  Rent something you’ve never shot before (or several somethings).  They have classes, too, both for beginners and advanced shooters.

Know somebody artsy?  Ardyth’s Sew ‘n’ Vac Shoppe has classes in sewing and embroidery, and sometimes teams up with Handmade Textile Designs to give classes on quilting and other techniques.  Blank Canvas Arts has regular art classes for groups and individuals.

Cooking classes make a great date idea.  Bekah Kate’s offers cooking classes, including some for children!

What about a photo shoot at Karmen Lindner Photography?  She has packages for babies, couples, families, both in studio and on location.  Bonus: you’ll get one of the pictures afterward!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget a gift certificate for lunch or dinner.  So many great places to eat in downtown Baraboo!

Christmas shopping can be easy, even for those people who already have everything, but only if you know where to look.  And you know where to look: Downtown Baraboo.  It’s where Christmas shopping gets done.