Downtown Baraboo Wine Walk

Some tips for making your evening more enjoyable...

  1. Avoid waiting in line by picking up your glass and wristband anytime before 6:00 pm the day of the walk.
  2. Write your name on the back of your booklet and wine glass ring, when there are 500 booklets and glasses floating around that look the same, if you set yours down you may not be able to find it.
  3. Make a plan, sit down with your group and make a plan of the locations that you would like to visit. With over 25 locations on the Wine Walk it will be impossible to visit all of them in 3 hours, so choose locations that you have never been to or that have wines you are interested in tasting.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and dress weather appropriate, there is a good deal of walking outside during this event.
  5. Choose a meeting location or route in case you get separated from your group.
  6. If you make purchases (There are some GREAT sales on the route), ask the business to keep your bag behind the counter and pick it up at the end of the Wine Walk or the next day.
  7. Come hungry, every location has fabulous food pairings to match their wines.
  8. Provided you have your glass and wristband, you may start at any location at 6:00pm. Lots of groups start at the end or the beginning, so you can avoid crowded locations by starting somewhere in the middle.
  9. Follow traffic pedestrian rules. Please only cross the streets at crosswalks.
  10. Bring your ID. We will refuse to serve you if you cannot prove you are 21 years of age.
  11. We will refuse to serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Thank you for supporting our Downtown and our local businesses!