Downtown Baraboo Wine Walk

When are the Wine Walks?
The Downtown Baraboo Wine Walks are typically held the First Friday in May and the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Wine Walk & Shop Dates

Winter: November 18th, 2016

When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets generally go on sale exactly one month before the event.

The 2016 Winter Wine Walk & Shop Tickets will go on sale October 18th.

  • Limit of 4 tickets per person.
  • Tickets are $30.00 each. Cash or Check only.
  • Maximum ticket sales will be set at 550 total for each event.

There is usually a large line to buy tickets and at times there have been more people in line than tickets available.

We would suggest that you get in line early!

Can I call or email to reserve tickets?
No, requests for tickets will not be taken by phone or email. You may come to Bekah Kate's in person starting one week before the tickets go on sale and enter your name and the number of tickets you would like and you will be entered into the lottery drawing for the remaining 100 tickets.

We request that you enter your name only once in the lottery or you will be disqualified from the lottery.

When will the lottery be held?
We will be drawing the lottery names at 6pm at Bekah Kate's the night tickets go on sale.

All lottery winners will be notified the day after the drawing.

All lottery tickets will need to be purchased within one week of the drawing.

Any unclaimed lottery tickets will be returned for another drawing to be held one week after the first drawing.

What if I lose my Wine Walk ticket?
Your Wine Walk ticket is just like cash. Lost tickets can not be replaced.
What if I can't come to the Wine Walk at the last minute? What can I do with my tickets?
You are welcome to turn the tickets in to Bekah Kate's, but they are non-refundable. Find some friends who didn't get tickets or have never been on the Wine Walk and give them a call! Or become a friend of the Downtown Baraboo Wine Walk on Facebook and let everyone know you have tickets available! You can also post there if you need tickets!
When can I pick up my glass?
You can pick up your glass starting at 9am at Bekah Kate's on the day of the wine walk.

You must bring all of your tickets with you to pick up your glasses.

You will receive one glass, one wristband and wine glass ring per ticket.

Where do I start the evening?
Once you have picked up your glass at Bekah Kate's, you can start at any location on the wine walk starting at 6pm!
What should I do if I have had too much to drink?
Please don't drive!!

You can call a cab, we will provide several numbers you can call in your wine walk booklet.

How do I enter the drawing for the two free tickets to the next wine walk?
Fill out the form at the back of the wine walk booklet and drop it off at
your last stop on the wine walk.
Do I need to visit all of the stops in order to qualify for the drawing?
No. We honestly do not expect you to visit every stop.
Where can I buy the wines that are featured on the Wine Walk?
The majority of the wines featured on the Wine Walk are available at Bekah Kate's.
What are the rules I need to be aware of?
  • You must be 21 to attend the Wine Walk.
  • You must rinse and empty your wine glass before leaving each and every stop.
  • If you need a drink of water, drink it inside one of the locations. You may not have any liquid in your glass while on the city sidewalks in between stops!

Please help us to keep this event going Downtown by strictly following
these rules.

What if I have questions while on the wine walk?
You can ask any of the staff at the participating businesses or one of our wine walk ambassadors who will be strolling around throughout the evening.