Join us for a Beer Tasting Tour at Select Downtown Baraboo Businesses

Downtown Baraboo Brew Ha Ha

Featuring your favorite Wisconsin Breweries ...A taste of beer, some tasty treats and a leisurely stroll around town with friends...

Brew Ha Ha Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Brew Ha Ha event be held?
The next Downtown Baraboo Brew Ha Ha will be held in June 2017.
When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets generally go on sale at Bekah Kate's exactly one month before the event. Remember:
  • Limit of 4 tickets per person.
  • Tickets are $20.00 each. Cash or Check only.
  • 350 tickets available.
  • There is usually a large line to buy tickets, so we suggest that you get in line early!
Can I call or email to reserve tickets?
Requests for tickets will not be taken by phone or email but you may be able to purchase them online (This page will have the link when it is available).
Can I call or email to purchase tickets the day the tickets go on sale?
On the day that the tickets go on sale, and after everyone that was in line has been served, in-person, phone, and e-mail orders will be taken until all tickets have been sold.
What if I lose my Brew Ha Ha ticket?
Your Brew Ha Ha ticket is just like cash. Lost tickets can not be replaced.
What if I can't come to the Brew Ha Ha at the last minute? What can I do with my tickets?
You are welcome to turn the tickets in to Bekah Kate's, but they are non-refundable. We suggest that you find some friends who didn't get tickets or have never been on the Brew Ha Ha and give them a call!
When can I pick up my glass?
You can pick up your glass starting at 9am at Bekah Kate's on the day of the Brew Ha Ha. Remember:
  • You must bring all of your tickets with you to pick up your glasses.
  • You will receive one glass, one wristband and one ticket lanyard per ticket.
Where do I start the evening?
Once you have picked up your glass at Bekah Kate's, you can start at any location on the Brew Ha Ha starting at 6pm!
What should I do if I have had too much to drink?
Please don't drive!! Please call a cab or friend to drive you home.
Where can I buy the beers that are featured on the Brew Ha Ha?
Many of the beers featured on the Brew Ha Ha are available at Monks and Bekah Kate's.
What are the rules I need to be aware of?
  • You must be 21 to attend the Brew Ha Ha.
  • You must rinse and empty your glass before leaving each and every stop.
  • If you need a drink of water, drink it inside one of the locations. You may not have any liquid in your glass while on the city sidewalks in between stops!
Please help us to keep this event going Downtown by strictly following these rules.
What if I have questions while on the Brew Ha Ha?
You can ask any of the staff at the participating businesses or one of our Brew Ha Ha ambassadors who will be strolling around throughout the evening.